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Smartrack Fleet Fleet Tracking System Fleet Management vehicle tracking system Dublin
Fleet Management vehicle tracking system
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This product has been designed and manufactured in the UK for SmarTrack and has passed full e-mark. It is ideal for any self powered application.
• System reports to website every 2 minutes. Logs 1 minute History
• Stop/ start reports
• Multi named Geo-fence
• Google maps. Internet based.
• Live track on individual or whole fleets
• Reports of over speeding vehicles
• Reports via web can be exported to Excel
• Integrated GPS aerial (Sirfstar III) for anti tamper
• Battery back up as standard (battery disconnect warning again for anti tamper)
• Vehicle Battery disconnect shown on website (anti tamper)
• Report history
• Idle times
• Vehicle timesheets
• Live Traffic updates
• Vehicle Filter (grouping of vehicles)
• Direction of travelling vehicle
• Mileage counter
• Vehicle battery status shown on screen
• Top speed recorded on reports
• Three year product warranty
• Multi log in access and resisted views

If your driver knows that their vehicle is fitted with a tracking device they will become very aware to their speed, punctuality, fuel use and general driving behaviour!

• Improve your driver’s time and time sheet keeping.
• Improved driving style, system monitors speed and will email over speed warnings.
• Reduced un-necessary mileage, including evenings and weekends.
• Reduced idling of engine, excessive lunch breaks.
• Very easy to use with no additional software, simply log in anywhere to check your fleet.
• Weekly printable time reports
• History log for duration of subscription

Annual Subscriptions of: £94 vat per vehicle.

The Smartrack Tracker systems use the latest technology and simply combine great customer service with great GPS vehicle tracking device hardware.
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