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Parrot ASTEROID Tablet Apps navigation music and Bluetooth handsfree Dublin
Apps, navigation, music and Bluetooth hands-free
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With its 5” capacitive multi-touch screen, as bright as it is responsive, the Parrot ASTEROID Tablet offers you an extraordinary panel of features for motorists; driving assistance APPs, internet radio, points of interest, new driver services and full digital music management. The Parrot ASTEROID Tablet is in addition to an existing sound system (e.g a car stereo) and transmits music and calls using your vehicles speakers. While it offers all the same hands-free telephony features as the other ASTEROID products, it stands out from the rest with its wireless touch remote control.

The ASTEROID Tablet boasts a voice activated music search, simply push the dedicated button, say an artist or an album name and enjoy your music! Your music can be accessed from a range of sources including iPod/iPhone, USB, SD card, Bluetooth, line-in... and also from music APPs. The ASTEROID Tablet also connects to the Internet on the move in many different ways, either use your compatible Smartphone, a 3G/4G USB dongle or Wi-Fi.

The simple and innovative design of the Parrot ASTEROID Tablet mean that the functions are easy to recognise and the small number of buttons allows simple access of the controls at any time. The ASTEROID Tablet has a efficient and easy to use multi-touch 5’’ capacitive display and also has the option to manage its features from an optimised wireless remote control.

The Parrot ASTEROID Tablet works with all Smartphone operating systems: Android™, iOS, RIM, Symbian, Bada…a 3G/4G dongle, or hook up to a Wi-Fi access point.To check compability for your phone or kit please visit (Click Here) 

**Internet browsing, navigation and digital (internet) radio is subject to you having a data connection or being parked in a WI-FI hot spot. Full navigation that will function without the need for an internet connection is available from Android Market for an additional cost.
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